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    New preview of "The Legend of Lady White Snake" film

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    Inspired by one of China's most beloved legends, the film is a meditation on obsession and metamorphosis. Directed by Indrani.

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    1. ZoeH
      12:13 14 Dec 2011
      This looks absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see the film!

    2. 21:06 14 Dec 2011
      As always anything Indrani touches is magic, this is another fine example of such talent..
      well done

    3. 21:21 14 Dec 2011
      Stunning work, love all the idea and the lighting, editing....cinematography.. Great Work Indrani! Can wait to see it.
    4. G
      22:59 18 Dec 2011
      I like it. So many films today are shot from a reality point of view. It's nice to see something with more of a dream-like quality, something that leads the viewer to imagine and fill in the blanks themselves.
    5. V
      20:23 21 Dec 2011
      Stunning!! Gorgeous, Daphne completely enchanting. So bloody elegant. Hope to one day work with her.
    6. X
      15:22 27 Dec 2011
      LOVE THIS!!
    7. P
      10:16 3 Jan 2012
      Wow! Beautiful. Needs to be seen in China
    8. victimtothewolf
      17:31 17 Apr 2012
      Surely this film is inspired more by the film 'Blade Runner' than any Chinese legend? The owl, the Bradbury Hotel scene, the overlay of the film's actual soundtrack. Coincidence? Cinema's all pervasive velvet glove once again turns the heads of impressionable creative minds to view the world though the lens of its own archive.
    9. teri
      19:41 2 Oct 2012
      Beautifully done.