1. by Edison Chen .

    u got to see this

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    1. 02:00 8 Mar 2012
      The shape of the screen near and below the wrist will also need a redesign to accommodate for the new way of working that alters the position of arms and hands.
    2. Sarahmily
      05:21 16 Mar 2012
      it wasn't shown on my computer,I do not know what you are doing now,but I knew you like a girl and can't stop thinking about her,you should do something for her,support you!!:)

    3. 05:23 17 Apr 2012
      ok what's for April, sir
    4. Lanny
      18:55 9 Jul 2012
      like your mv of Rumors.
    5. Lanny
      16:23 28 Jul 2012
      很喜欢Everywhere we go( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    6. Annebelle
      06:54 7 Nov 2012
      I really love that song, but to be honest, your dress is kind of ridiculous! But still lovely !hahaha!
    7. Sarahmily
      03:49 16 Nov 2012
      so you said coming back soon on instagram,huh!
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    1. huangwentian
      10:25 4 Feb 2012
      - -觉的无语死了 CLOT的东西有些很难看

    2. 05:44 5 Feb 2012

    3. 12:20 6 Feb 2012
    4. Lizzie
      08:55 8 Feb 2012
      I think it's pretty cool that with all the women's shoes designers that probably sends her shoes. She decides to wear some fresh converse, Too good.
    5. Sarahmily
      14:45 18 Feb 2012
      obviously ,you are great!!!马拉松也跑的很不错,你的努力大家都看得到,继续加油。

    6. 15:09 24 Mar 2012
      Omy~ My first time to look through you blog ,wonderful experience!
    7. Shakespeare
      22:11 1 Jul 2012
      Such brilliant use of capitalisation AND hyperbole.
    8. Herry
      12:40 21 Jul 2012
  3. by Edison Chen .




    the BE@Rbrick family is rocked by the transformation of MICKEY 

    he seems to be different but yet the same 

    what is so mysterious about the 3 eyed mickey????

    can he still bake a mean cake with 3 eyes???????

    there is no discrimination within the CLOT world

    ALIEN or HUMAN we love you .... if you can bake a mean strawberry cake!!!!!!!!


    shot by HARLIM @ GLAMFAB

    creative directed by CLOT INCORPORATED

    special thanks to WINI and PAT of CLOT and KINDERGARTEN CAFE hong kong



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    1. Gloria_honey
      14:47 31 Jan 2012
      After watching the movie" nine girls and a ghost" I begin to like you loving you until now, there has been a lot of negative news, I know, every time I see him I will be very angry people who criticize you, and I will feel sorry for you, to see your micro-blog let me know what you seem too good, but I hope you can have very good is very good, I love you, EDC, no matter what happens, you have to refuel, I will support you forever, maybe I am ordinary, in this life will not meet you, but I know you there, and very good. Well, I will have the opportunity to see your face!!! I think this comment. You may not see it, I made a lot of note to you, in the clot official website, you many I have message, since you opened the micro-blog updates, less, and now find you another blog, and I come to luck, hope you can see .... one word from you will make me very happy. When come to Guangdong Shunde guests? I will support you. Because I am just a student, so I can go to the place can not be too far, last time you were in Guangzhou, I can't go on, I cried.edc,i love u and i always love u....

    2. 16:10 31 Jan 2012
      dear edison,i'm your super fan!~~i've been loving you for 10 years. i will always love you.pls be happy and take care. best wishes
    3. m_whc
      03:46 1 Feb 2012
      I love this. Also love the revealing date.
    4. D
      03:52 1 Feb 2012
      so cute```
    5. 楊淺川 _Lanny
      17:23 1 Feb 2012
      Strange but unique. You creat fashion.

    6. 20:53 3 Feb 2012
      dear edison i love u when i was 10 years old .
    7. RiCky
      07:27 22 Feb 2012
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    1. 06:31 8 Feb 2012
      how do u know! lol u sure know girlssss
    2. sunnysick
      03:40 13 Jul 2012
      a notebook?
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    1. 17:24 15 Jan 2012
      so hard lol 
    2. Sarahmily
      17:21 21 Jan 2012
      ahaha,Chinese new year is near,don't be "so hard",ur train is such hard,u should try what u can try,do not trouble ur body~okay,be healthy and happy~
    3. Buynow Wong
      15:56 3 Feb 2012
      EDC Iam u fans . this is JZ s NIGGAS IN PAIRS ?? HAHA I also like him .
    4. Sisi
      05:55 25 May 2012
      I'll Always support you. 😜
    5. kitty
      12:11 1 Jan 2013
      May you have the best season ever. . Thank you for all you have done for us Best wishes for you and your family. happy new year ,I LOVE SO
    6. Sergio
      20:04 2 Sep 2013
      Oh wow.. I'm speechless. These pcieurts are amazing and breathtaking.And can I say how I absolutely love your blog? It's like you're in my mind. The things you post are the exact same things I like to see and read. Thank you for posting them and I'm glad I found your blog
  6. by Edison Chen .

    the new hot shit

    for BLACK FRIDAY weekend ...... don't miss out and go to UNDEFEATED.COM and peep game and go and buy some new sneakers man ........ ur sneakers look grimy TYRONE BIGGUMS stee, go to UNDEFEATED and get some swag if u in the CALI area..... SF, VEGAS, LA, taking over the west coast ......... i am a UNDEFEATED representer

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    1. 06:16 22 Nov 2011
      hehe...yes! We all belive u are undefeated!!!! Come my guy!! Looooove u!
    2. Cici_
      06:22 22 Nov 2011

    3. 16:33 23 Nov 2011
      we believe in you .
    4. Ama
      16:39 23 Nov 2011
      my faith -
    5. Fairy-Q
      01:35 24 Nov 2011
      Honey! Happy thanksgiving day!!! PS:Im listening your song... "Dreams 梦",u r really improved ...and ur very cool in the MTV of "running" !!!your song were great!Love u!
    6. Sarahmily
      04:42 26 Nov 2011
      well, congratulations!What you performed in Shanghai was very great,and then I like the “CLOT三眼米奇” very much and I'll buy one,heihei!Come on,never give up.
    7. Sarahmily
      14:19 7 Dec 2011
      congratulations for the“年度最具风格潮流艺人”!!As we all see,u have tried your best,and continue it,never give up!!!!U carry us!!!Hahahaha
    8. Sarahmily
      02:26 10 Dec 2011
      I can only tell u that maybe u should learn more Chinese!!你轉的“power”那篇微博,是嘲諷你的,不是表揚你的!!笨蛋!take care of yourself!!!
    9. m_whc
      07:44 23 Dec 2011
      Been a WHILE. Sup?

    10. 07:27 18 Feb 2012
      Ron C,We are not that far apart then. We agree that clanilg a positive feedback ?runaway global warming? is inappropriate. I do think Turetsky findings are evidence, but are only a small piece in a complex picture. Have a good night.
  7. by Edison Chen .

    the trilogy

    36 hour road trip to VEGAS... what for???? for the MANNY PACQUAIO fight taking center stage at the MGM GRAND ARENA on the LAS VEGAS strip...... accompanying me was my good mans BRANDON HAIRSTON, and EDDIE CRUZ (undefeated) and my neighbour and amazing photographer KENNETH CAPPELLO...... 3 hrs and 30 mins later on a drive we arrived to VEGAS where the city seemed electrified....... with beautful seats given in c/o MGM MACAU we were jus stunned and as the fight came on every second seemed like a hour..... the fight was amazing and of course my boy MANNY came out with a 12th round decision.... everyone else seems to think MARQUEZ won and in my mind i was the winner hahahaha..... but i still stand by PAC MAN and if MARQUEZ wants a part 4 i am sure MANNY be ready to put some more smackdown on him, and until then or until the MAYWEATHER vs PACMAN fight i don't think i will be going to VEGAS anymore............. shouts to the team cuz they loving the crew......... nuff said


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    1. 03:27 15 Nov 2011
      congratulations,winner,hahaha,well,can you tell me when will you come DaLian or ShenYang?I'm waiting now...
    2. Sarahmily
      03:32 15 Nov 2011
      wow,actually,I‘m doing an examnation,but congratulations,winner,hahaha,well,can you tell me when will you come DaLian or ShenYang?I'm waiting now...
    3. c
      03:53 15 Nov 2011
      hei man,nuff said^^

    4. 05:08 15 Nov 2011
      kewl~! n'nicepics. =)

    5. 07:21 15 Nov 2011
      Well, i guess, indeed nuff said. Great photo shots! btw.
    6. m_whc
      07:25 15 Nov 2011
      Oh, didn't put name on. It's me, btw +1
    7. mikapp
      07:26 15 Nov 2011
      add me
    8. mikapp
      07:26 15 Nov 2011
      i like you.i am from Xi'an
    9. Edison4-11
      08:02 15 Nov 2011
      the king of the world ~U are the hero of XI fans! haha

    10. 09:46 15 Nov 2011
      SO COOL.
  8. by Edison Chen .


    got a look into the world of JAY Z and KANYE WEST at Madison Square Garden on the second night they were in the BIG APPLE..... the show was amazing and just all in all dope, the visuals on the screens were crisp and the sound was banging with classics performed from each other's solo repertoire topped off with the hits from the THRONE.... the laser and light show had me feeling like i was suspended in time in another dimension..... the songs and the performances were amazing..... i ventured into the arena with my good homie KAWS and we just rocked the whole show from top to end and was lounging in the back for some good homie chilling..... in the back there was a photobooth that was branded WATCH THE THRONE and we got a old school analog feeling photo from the machine........ all in all if u in a city and WATCH THE THRONE is there u better get ur ass in there..... for real for real.... love to DON.C and IBN and VIRGIL and def my boy KANYE for letting us BALL SO HARD!!!!!!!! thatshitcray

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    1. n
      08:40 12 Nov 2011
      sounds amazing!
      fantastic to see Edison Chen blogging for SHOWstudio !
      Such a cool guy.

    2. 09:13 12 Nov 2011
      Happee see ur blog again..
      Keep it bros..
      Mizz yan

    3. 09:23 12 Nov 2011
    4. Edison4-11
      09:33 12 Nov 2011
      I think I have found it! ~haha~I gonna to support u~Fighting
    5. S
      09:38 12 Nov 2011
      gotcha! super dope!
    6. spuriler
      09:40 12 Nov 2011
      yun ,jiu suan ni tao dao nali dou meiyou yong,haha,yin wei bu guan ni zai nali ,hai shi hui bei ren zhao dao .ni zhe beizi zhu ding shi yao dai zhe "yanzhaomen"de wu dian le, suo yi rensheng yi bu dou bu yao zou cuo ,hekuang ni hai shi gongzhong yu ni yijing quanshen dou wuzhuobukan le ,name hui you geng duo de ren wang ni de shen shang po shi huozhe liao,zhe jiu shi suowei de" ma tai xiao ying".ni
      na me xi huan shuo yingwen, bu zhidao ni ke fou neng kan dong zhe duan hua ?hehe ......wo cengjing hen xi huan ni de ge xing zuo feng,dan ni tai li jing pan dao.yi jing chao guo shi ren de daode .wo yi du ren wei ni shi ge wanlong nv ren ganqng de ren ,yin ci ni bu hui huode zhen ai ,jiu haobi yongqing li kai yi yang. mei you nv hai hui dui ni fu chu zhen ai ,tamen ye zhi shi zai li yong ni er yi .ke bei ke bei .ru guo ni xian zai hai meiyou fanxing guolai.zhi neng shuo tao yan ni de ren hui yue lai yue duo .ru guo zhi shi yi ge ren tao yan ni ,qing you ke yuan ,yinwei women dou bu shi shengren.dan na me duo de ren taoyan ni ,ni jiu bu neng bu zi ji fanxing yi xia le .ping chang zong shi kan ni fa de na me duo de yingwendanci ,hai wo hen nuli de qu kan .yin wei wo de yingwen shui ping mei na me hao .jin tian ye rang ni fei jin de kan yi xia ......hehe huo xu ni gen ben bu hui kan ,dan zong suan bao ci chou
    7. Edison4-11
      09:41 12 Nov 2011
      I think I have found it! ~haha~I gonna to support u~Fighting
    8. Ken
      09:49 12 Nov 2011
      amazing THRONE, amazing EDC~~~~

    9. 09:51 12 Nov 2011
      Super Awesome!

    10. 09:56 12 Nov 2011
      only encourage you,go ahead,come on !