1. by Nick Knight .

    VIOLENCE: Email from Sissel Tolaas

    Dear Sissel,

    How are you? I hope you have seen that the project blog is open.

    I have contacted Frank in Sweden who has agreed to organize a fight and I have contacted someone who boxes for the English team who I think will do it too.

    I will put out a general note on SHOWstudio and see what response we get. I know we only need a few but I would like enough of a choice to take the best ones.

    I am asking anybody who takes part to film the actual fight if possible. I don't know what I will do with the footage yet but I would like to have proof that they actually fought in the tshirt.


    How do we proceed? It might be best if you send me the tshirts in their sealed bags and I send them on to the fighters with instructions and get them to return them back to me with their video. Then I courier the tshirt in its bag straight back to you in Berlin for you to start your chemistry? Anyway email me back your thoughts.

    All the best



    Dear Nick ,YES I got all and it looks GREAT!!! I am collecting some great stuff I will send the next days. Also I am on the T-Shirts, and I agree the best would be toT-Shirt in process ASAP as I have them I will pack them in Plastic bag with a short instruction: TO USE!

    And the process of RETURN.

    And they should be send me ASAP after used, and I will immediate start the tracking of the molecules etc. and slowly the making of the samples. The exact process of work and also the act of receiving etc. I will document and send you, also to be put on the blog , or what do you think?. I have found some interesting material/links on the topic of violence and also one interesting talk on the topic of evil......what do you think shall we also put these things on the blog = the process/the research/the search etc.

    Speak SOOONNNN!



  2. by Nick Knight .

    VIOLENCE. Getting fighters.


    Dear Simon,

    I am creating a scent from the chemicals men release when they fight(!) and I wondered if that boxer friend of yours that modeled in the Brutality story would be interested. All he would have to do is wear a teeshirt when he next fights. Do you think you could approach him on my behalf?

    Many thanks,


    Hello ,No problem Nick , his name is **** and he boxes for England
    I'll give him a call about it today , I'm sure he will oblige.
    Is he the only one you want ? I have a number of other friends who also fight.



  3. by Nick Knight .

    violence.project blog. selling online

    Dear Dorian, Ross, Paul, Alex and Greta,¬
    As you know I would like to sell this Violence scent directly from our site. Can you indicate to me what the possibilities are. It might be just one bottle or 10 or thousands, there is just no way of telling.¬
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.¬


    I think a big point of the fragrance is to develop, market and sell it online - this is the unique aspect.
    However, the difficulty that immediately arises is that no-one can smell the fragrance online. Very basic, but fundamental. We should consider how we will go about getting samples of the fragrance out to potential customers or maybe if we are planning to feature it¬
    I like the idea of the perfume being in a limited edition - maybe we could number each one individually with an initial run of 100? This would also give us the opportunity to send some out as gifts - we can gauge the response and see if the numbers should be increased with a second run, third run etc.¬
    This is not my forte but that's my initial view on the matter of the 'hard sell'.  

    Hello Nick et al

    Please excuse my 'dragon's den' knowledge of commerce and my over-simplified 'plan'.
    I think if this is being done correctly then there should be a way of telling how many you would sell. You would not make 10,000 bottles of perfume if your research had shown you were only going to sell 10 because it was a very niche market.

    So I think the first step is to speak to someone who knows the market, work out where the product will be advertised (I would suggest it needs to go further than SHOWstudio) and then we could look at some rough figures of projected sales/units.

    Then we can decide how rigourous our e-commerce strategy needs to be.

    For instance if there are only 100 bottles we could just set up a paypal account (or an ebay shop says paul) and handle the whole thing fairly stress free ourselves . However, if we have a lot of product stored in warehouses that need to be shipped globally then clearly we will have to involve outside agencies

    My feeling is that a limited run of 100 is the way to go. It gets the scent out there and works as an easy way of getting press for SHOW. Then, if there is a demand, we look into mass production


    Hi Nick,

    That's quite a big question really. From my point of view we can skip the details of presenting the product on the website - we'll be doing that anyway as part of the project, though the branding and positioning of the product are of course a very important and complex thing, some of which I'm sure you have in hand, and some of which I'm sure is in process.

    The technicalities of selling products online strongly depends on whether you are selling one item, or 1000, or however many. The complexity and cost of the system set up really depends on the amount that's going through, there is no point in using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Setting up an ecommerce system for one product is likely to loose money, not make it, but if it's something that's going to have more products added to it then you may recoup the investment later.

    The process of taking an order/transaction is quite straightforward, and there are lots of well laid out models and best practises for this 

    1) The Basket: We find out the quantity of the product a person wants.
    2) The Checkout: We find out where they want to ship it to & take payment for the product.
    3) The Processing: We receive the order, label, put postage on it and ship it.

    The devil, as ever, is in the detail, and more importantly the scalability.

    For one item it wouldn't be worth setting up on-line credit card processing facilities, for instance, and we may just have one large price for the item which takes into account packing and shipping costs to the rest of the world. The item could even be auctioned to the highest bidder. The payment could be taken via a method agreed with the purchaser, such as bank transfer/cheque/paypal. 

    For between one an 100 items it would be worth considering a simple payment system, such as PayPal, where overheads on each transaction are higher than some methods, but cheaper than setting up a Merchant account with a bank, and on-line clearing, and a checkout process on our site. However PayPal would not necessarily present the image for the product you want to have, it depends how you want to position it's brand. A customised checkout process and in-line credit card clearing would be a nice experience for the end user, and keep the whole thing more 'on brand'

    For 100+ it is more likely worth investing in a customised checkout process. If we are shipping lots of items then we would need set this up, and to consider how ordered are processed and dispatched, global shipping costs and hanlding charges, how to handle fraudulent transactions, how monies are accounted, how items are packaged for shipping ( that could also reflect back to the actual product design for the container for the scent ), how to manage customer queries and missing/broken items, who takes the items to the post office (or if we get them picked up, or shipped via courier etc.). Working all these details out to be optimal is worthwhile to maximise profit on the product, and to simplify the handling of the orders. 

    A final choice is that you can pass handling the sales of the item entirely off to a third party, who will sell it on your behalf. This way we don't have as much control over the presentation and brand of the product, and a lot of the process becomes on of managing the relationship with the third party, and trying to get the appropriate presentation for your product in their context. This would be much like putting the item exclusively into any shop, like Dover Street or Liberties. You have the advantage (and disadvantage) of having the product amongst other items, in an environment where people are looking to purchase, but you will see return per unit, and won't have the presence within that shop. Generally new brands don't succeed very well on large product sites with many items on them, unless you put them across a number of different retailers : think Dover Street, Liberties and Selfridges, not just Dover Street. 

    There are of course many points in between all of these, but mostly these are driven by the brand qualities of the product you are selling, and of course: where the audience you want to sell your product to are shopping. Because SHOWstudio isn't a shop, or may not have that audience, you double the work in trying to sell your product in also trying to drive the right traffic to SHOWstudio. Equally putting the scent on a generic shopping site may devalue it's brand, and still miss it's target audience. So the place, in my opinion, to start is to research into the customer for the product and how to access them. thereafter the choices will become clearer. 

    I hope that's all of some help. 


    Recent comments

    1. VikramKansara
      18:44 17 Oct 2008
      For scalable e-commerce solutions, have a look at Amazon's web services:
      Re: "SHOWstudio isn't a shop"
      Perhaps it should be. Shopping is one of the most important cultural activities of our age. A permanent "SHOPstudio" that puts project artefacts on sale might be a very interesting addition to the platform.
    2. GalileosUniverse
      07:21 18 Oct 2008
      Roman glass perfume bottle
      Here are some points that may help!
      Point # 1
      The first step in selling perfume successfully from a website it to establish your yourself as a credible merchant. The websites used by successful internet merchants differ radically from "corporate information" websites that may be built around beautiful images, music and animations, all of which delay navigation from one page to the next. To sell on the internet, your website has to function like Google or Yahoo. Navigation must be simple and rapid. Pages must pop up quickly -- with the information buyers are looking for. Ordering has to be functional -- simple -- straight forward -- crystal clear -- and easy to navigate.
      Point # 2
      The next step is building traffic -- traffic from potential buyers. Traffic from non-buyers only serves to help the search engines take an interest in your site. Your traffic mix must include a good percentage of qualified prospects for your perfume.
      How do you achieve this when your perfume is unknown? The search engines can't bring you traffic if nobody is looking for you. Shouting "My New Perfume" at your website won't help.
      Since your perfume -- and, probably, you -- are unknown, you will need some sort of CONTENT at your website that people ARE searching for, and, to be effective, it should relate to the possible internet searches of people who might be good prospects for your perfume.
      Articles, information, solutions to problems all offer you opportunities to build the right kind of traffic on your website. Don't fall for the line that these will make your website look ugly. The only people who tell you that are people who don't have to sell something from a website.
      Point # 3
      Let the customer sample your wares. Unless you are a VERY good advertising writer, or unless there is some VERY special association with your perfume, it is unlikely that you will generate sales without offering samples. Samples will not eliminate the need to "sell" your perfume -- as you now must "sell" the visitor on taking action to request your samples. BUT, if you price your sample order so that it appears "generous" (i.e., you don't appear to be trying to make money by selling your samples!), it will be far easier to sell a few samples for the cost of postage and handling than it will to sell a full size bottle.
      And remember, if they DO NOT like your samples, they are telling your something! Perfume is a VERY personal product and, if a person likes what you are selling, they will PAY. But if your perfume does NOT strike them as being special -- more special than anything they would buy at the mall, they will not order the full size bottle.
      Today consumers have many fragrances to choose from at the mall and, if you are simply trying to imitate a fragrance that is already a success, you have little chance of making a sale. To succeed in selling your perfume or cologne online, it had better be special! -- or your promotion for it had better be special! At least to your target buyer!
      Point # 4
      Once you have, through your samples, attracted a consumer for your fragrance, make it affordable. If you need to get $50 on ounce or more for your perfume, consider selling it in 1/2 ounce -- or even 1/4 ounce bottles, so that, at least for their first order, the customer don't have to shell out such a big chunk of money.
      In the early days of the Coty perfume business, the company prospered by offering its perfumes in a range of different size bottles. Those who had little money could still enjoy a Coty fragrance by purchasing a small (almost tiny!) bottle. Those who had more money could buy a larger bottle. How did rich woman distinguish themselves from their less fortunate cousins? Why they could use MORE perfume and perfume themselves more often!
    3. SAKIS
      00:26 19 Oct 2008
      I think the issue of online smelling is a whole other project in itself,where maybe a type of cmyk idea can be applied to scent where a basic gamut of scents can be contained within a cartridge and "printed" on a special scratch and sniff type of printing paper. essentially an online form of what we have in magazines today.
      as far as the current state of the VIOLENCE project and the issue of marketing, the SHOPstudio idea proposed by Vikram Kansara is a very good idea if you do continue to market/auction other SHOWstudio items.
      forgive me if i sound naive but why sell this product?
  4. by Nick Knight .

    Goodbye Penny

    Today, after seven amazing years, Penny leaves us to become Professor of Fashion Imagery at the London College of Fashion. To say that she will be missed by every member of SHOWstudio is a very large understatement.

    I was more or less half-way through the maelstrom of coloured chaos that was a five-day Dior couture shoot when I first met Penny. Juxtaposed with chainsaws, snakes, smashed pianos, magenta paint and crystal-encrusted car-sized satin dresses, Penny could not have been more of a contrast. A calm, almost serene Hitchcockian beauty only just managed to conceal the excitement and joy at being surrounded by such fashion insanity. For 30 minutes we sat and talked excitedly about SHOWstudio and the emerging possibilities of fashion film, fashion performance, live broadcasts, our loves and hates of photography and the sheer thrill of a new medium opening up before us. By the end of the interview I felt much more enthusiastic about my own work and I had a better understanding of it. I realise now that that is Penny's effect on people. When you work with Penny, whether it is a 6 hour non-stop live interview with Dame Vivienne Westwood or a quick soundbite backstage to a Vogue journalist, everybody comes away from the meeting feeling better about themselves.

    Penny brings the rarest and most needed commodities to the world of fashion: intelligence and culture. It is these rare and precious qualities that she has built forever into the foundations of SHOWstudio - a gift which makes me one of the happiest men alive.

    Thank you Penny.

    Recent comments

    1. dromedary
      16:48 19 Sep 2008
      Penny's the best!!!!!
    2. la
      17:18 19 Sep 2008
      The students at London College of Fashion don't know how lucky they are!
    3. zeroh
      17:20 19 Sep 2008
      Thems sure is big shoes to fill....
      Your wise words and beautiful prose will be sorely missed.
      The best of luck Penny.
    4. Landon
      17:57 19 Sep 2008
      All good things come to an end.
      You'll be missed! All the best.
    5. GalileosUniverse
      18:40 19 Sep 2008
      QUOTE : " Penny brings the rarest and most needed commodities to the world of fashion: intelligence and culture. " ...indeed !
      And what an exquisite portrait ! ... " A calm, almost serene Hitchcockian beauty " totally accurate !
      All the very best and thank you for sharing your very stimulating erudition, the London College of Fashion is very lucky to have the privilege to have such a brilliant mind.
    6. KaWai
      19:03 19 Sep 2008
      Penny, you have been great, your energy could be felt even in cyberspace! Good luck.
    7. ChrisSummerfield
      10:08 20 Sep 2008
      To a certain extent the name show studio was Penny Martin. She has and is an inspiration to a lot of people I wish her a great future ahead in her new roll.
      A new direction for show studio and things in life must constantly evolve in order to progress. On behalf of all of us out here I wish you all the best for the future and many thanks for the inspiration and outlets for our thoughts and creativity
    8. BillySoh
      07:03 21 Sep 2008
      Good luck, Penny. Cheers to your better future, after all, nothing comes to an end, it just starts elsewhere.
    9. BenjaminSeroussi
      08:17 23 Sep 2008
      Wish you luck Penny, all the best Benjamin.
    10. AKing
      15:13 25 Sep 2008
      Wishing you all the very best at your new post those are some very lucky students.
  5. by Nick Knight .

    Further Instruction!

    Great to see the suggestions for Antony coming in. To make the brief really clear, I want suggestions for simple ways to make sound, not whole song treatments. For example, banging coconuts, tapping her foot whilst humming or playing the spoons.



    Recent comments

    1. sunnylim
      13:18 14 Sep 2007
      i wonder if tossing plates is simple.
    2. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
      20:59 14 Sep 2007
      I don't suppose you can light fires in a studio, can you? Don't you think the crackling of burning is the closest thing to sun worship you can think of?
      What about a foley artist's kit? Could you bring in one of those? Does anyone know what they use for fire?
    3. mmbbaa
      01:17 15 Sep 2007
      I think what you are looking for is the sound of cellophane. That is a flame free way to create a crackling sound for fire.
      Good thought. Don't forget to post it in the right spot.
    4. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
      08:09 15 Sep 2007
      It's done. Thanks Marilyn!
  6. by Nick Knight .

    To the Wall and back

    The Swarovski family invited us all to a feast at an exciting place designed by some of China's most interesting modern architects, which was situated just by the great wall, about two hours outside of Beijing. We arrived to see the sun set over the wall: all very enjoyable. This first picture of a very tired but beautiful Charlotte was taken as we arrived back late that night. The second's of Charlotte with the Creative Director of the Swarovski campaigns, Olivier Van Doorne.

  7. Recent comments

    1. GalileosUniverse
      22:52 3 Aug 2007 it!
    2. Abbas
      02:13 4 Aug 2007
      The layering and silhouettes work beautifully. China, the old and constant created new, are the painted face of a big dragon running, whirl and speed. All you can catch are fragments of layers and shadows.

    1. Sricynk
      15:26 25 Feb 2013
      Grazi for mkaing it nice and EZ.
  9. by Nick Knight .

    The Elusive Image

    This shot is of a man changing pixels on a huge, illuminated LCD screen in Beijing. It is a real fisherman's story of 'the one that got away', as the very next second after this was taken, the whole massive screen became one huge image of the face of Mickey Mouse, but my bloody mobile phone camera just wouldn’t fire and the car I was in sped off. Another picture that shall just live in my mind...

  10. by Nick Knight .

    Star spotting at the Swarovski Show

    To view the show, our hosts had put us in a elevated place. As I stood there, I noticed great excitement in the crowd below, who all turned around and start photographing up at me. I felt somewhat uncomfortable as I don’t enjoy this sort of public attention, however I did feel very flattered. Until I realised that to one side of me was standing Eunis Chan, one of China’s supermodels and to the other side, a stunningly handsome young Chinese movie star...


    1. Nheu
      09:13 23 Feb 2013
      This post has hepeld me think things through
  11. by Nick Knight .

    Beijing Trip with Swarovski

    Things have been a bit of a whirl since the 24-hour YSL broadcast, but in the week preceding it, Charlotte and I were guests of Swarovski at a lavish event and night of general merriment staged in Beijing to mark their new presence in China. This picture phone snap of Gemma Ward was taken at the press conference she gave after the fashion show. It was packed; they clearly adore her in China, and she handled the whole affair with grace, charm and elegance. A rare star indeed.

    Recent comments

    1. KirstyAlsoppFanclub
      17:30 3 Aug 2007
      Gemma was on the front of the first Chinese Vogue, wasn't she? Why is it that such a Anglo Saxon face type and fair complexion appeals to the Chinese market?
    2. joanneK
      18:35 3 Aug 2007
      Perhaps because it's the polar opposite of their aesthetic? Grass-is-greener complex..
    3. GalileosUniverse
      10:22 6 Aug 2007, perfect & sophisticated marketing is absolutely and totally irresistible in every society...imagine how intoxicating it must be where equals do not exactly exist ?....' Hollywood is just a dream....' as the song goes...
    4. YihanChang
      21:41 7 Aug 2007
      Growing up I was mesmerized by the pale complexions of Westerners and the big eyes with defined creases and jawlines. I was always told that kind of features are the "perfect" features and I remember myself trying to make myself look whiter. In Asia, unfortunately we do still see that whiteness represents pureness and innocence and these days, many young asian women still go to extremes to look more westernized. I was born with natural big eyes and darker skin and despite the dark skin, people were envious of my eyes and wondered if I've had plastic surgery. When I moved to America, Westerners didn't care for my big eyes but were more interested in classic small-eyed styles but they loved my bronzed complexions! Seemed like a lose-lose situation no matter which continent I'm in..14 years later when I finally went back to Taiwan again, I couldn't go through one day without at least one person telling me I should try whitening products...such distortion of the perfect beauty
    5. GalileosUniverse
      05:16 8 Aug 2007
      ....but that also happens in America , Europe and Latin America, India where many dark skin people use skin whitening products for social reasons....and even more, among many very dark colour people the closer you are to the lighter shades the better your stand in society ...that I find very weird !!!. ...I know for sure in places like Curacao, Suriname black people with lighter black skin are considered 'better 'or less say ' superior'....translating it in better chances in society...the difference is people generally don't talk about it in the open ...totally incredible but true !!...the paradox is that Northern Europeans find a tanned skin a lot more attractive than the white pale complexions....yes white might symbolically represent ' purity ' and 'innocence'...but in this case it seems to me totally distorted....the funny thing is that black people in Europe are more proud of their colour than their counterparts in their country of I have experienced it.... and have no complexes about it...that is the way it should be....In the end it is who you are and how you treat your fellow men that counts than the colour of the skin.......
    6. Daisy
      05:10 8 Apr 2013
      Play informative for me, Mr. internet wrtier.
  12. by Nick Knight .

    Thank You

    I just want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all the people who sent scripts in, submitted political slogans or phoned in to the 24 HOUR broadcast. I don't know how it felt from your side, but for myself it was one of the most exciting projects that I have undertaken. Thank you all.
    I have a very strong belief in using fashion as a medium for political dicussion and this project not only helped to underpin SHOWstudio's continuing desire to explore that, but was a forerunner of larger projects on that topic that we hope to launch later this year.

    Recent comments

    1. simon.foxton
      01:05 19 Jul 2007
      Good !
      But let's not just make it consent.
      Dialogue and dissent is essential to debate.
      Very exciting .
    2. sdkbos
      02:02 19 Jul 2007
      And thank you for the mixing of ideas. It was great to see my treatments mixed in with those from other viewers. The more unpredictable the more exciting perhaps? Very nice echo effect. Look forward to seeing more in the future.
    3. mamoruK
      13:45 19 Jul 2007
      I am honoured. Super on this side.
      19:54 19 Jul 2007
      fantastic job
    5. st.valentine
      22:10 19 Jul 2007
      And i can't wait to see the results!
    6. JereV
      07:14 21 Jul 2007
      Indeed. It was exciting & still is...
      Great work from you Nick, Penny & the whole posse. Plus ofcourse the others who took part of this in form of treatments etc.
    7. EveryonesWaiting
      01:38 24 Jul 2007
      Does anybody have the Gwen Stefani 'Love Angel Music Baby' PDF's 1-16? If you do, could you email them to me at Thanks heaps in advance!
    8. danielaTo
      02:12 24 Jul 2007
      it feels so good to be thanked.
      Thank YOU for the chance, it felt great on this side.
  13. by Nick Knight .

    Unveiling of the new Pirelli Calendar #6

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    Inez and Vinoodh unveiling their Pirelli calendar with Sophia Loren and Lou Doillon.

    Recent comments

    1. b4rt0
      08:48 21 Nov 2006
      I don't think much of this calendar, and to be brutally honest I think it's the worst Pirelli calender ever made, I don't care how famous some of the peeps are in it, the idea and it's execution of it leaves a LOT to be desired.
    2. marian
      20:57 21 Nov 2006
      b4rt0 If you think that you should really check out the history of the Pirelli calendar,there has been much much worse than this one.
      Personally ,I like the fact they have used a woman in her 70s,I like the concept of it happening in one bed and I like the delicateness of the gestures and intimate feeling with some of the women.
      I am also intrigued by the way Innes and Vinood work together ,Are they a couple?
    3. ElleMuliarchyk
      22:07 21 Nov 2006
      I agree, this wasn't very imaginative, celebrities again, instead of the models (GRR - as I am a model). What can we do? Just wait till the economy gets better and people will be able to use their imagination and compete with real vigor and create something groundbreaking instead of going for the safe bet! I cannot wait!
      I think I should shoot one of the next of their callendars! I think I will do something revolutionary!
      However I think Innes and Vinood are really amazing. The portfolio of celebrities in the New York Times Magazine was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen!
    4. GalileosUniverse
      09:45 23 Nov 2006
      I read your reply to this subjetc....and somehow I got drawn more into the story of how you’re a self-sufficient model, make up-artist, photographer.....You really made my day !....I enjoyed your "Wonder Woman " approach to how you managed to create your own work...It's utterly delicious to read something like this!!!!!...some sort of 'Joan de Arc' in fashion..hehehe....Having said that there is such an incredible and poignant moral to your are brave..incredible brave....such story should inspire someone to write a short film......full of humour and yet full of 'humanity'....
      After having lived in New York I’m sure The Big Apple must love you....full of energy and determination......ever so inspiring....
      I know the hazards and the paradoxes of fashion............and yet it is a fascinating fantasy world because it is full of magic and boundless creativity....
      Have you ever thought of doing something for " Diane A Shaded View Of Fashion " ? need more exposure...
      By the way I like your work and how incredible resourceful you are !...Passion is the key word indeed and you have more than plenty....
    5. ElleMuliarchyk
      07:27 29 Nov 2006
      Thank you very much, Galileo, for your sweet compliments. I am glad you liked my work.. I will have to explore your suggestions more! It is true - I want to have no fear (even though people that know me say I have no fear anyway) and create something that will inspire people to be more of who they are and be true to their own selves - to the superhero inside of them!
    6. GalileosUniverse
      09:54 29 Nov 2006 this pic. .WONDER WOMAN !.. I am glad to know they do not only exist in comic books...
      By the way sorry it took time to answer you post but I am astonished to see that SHOW has not made it possible to create a website with an easier way to follow the threads without having to go through the whole maze, and my God with so many creative people hier !..I'm not complaining ...heheh.. just making an observation.... Back to you WONDER definetly inspire people....I am glad to have the chance to exchange words with a rather unique person.....Keep going and do not forget my suggestion...Diane is incredible in supporting creative people. Do join IQUONS ! a project in which she takes part too.
      And by the way you are very welcome......
    7. GalileosUniverse
      19:23 29 Nov 2006
      I was thinking.........the word " Fear"
      fear |f…™…ô| noun an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat : drivers are threatening to quit their jobs in fear after a cabby's murder | fear of increasing unemployment | he is prey to irrational fears......
      Maybe that is an interesting theme to explore to translate that in images....because thereis so much fear nowdays.....Just a thought !..but then in a poetic way.......using your inner sense
    8. GalileosUniverse
      14:52 31 Oct 2007
      Congratulations Ellen !...and as I always believe...' time always tells'...great to read about your latest venture.
      I'm very happy for you and wish you the best...keep going !
    9. NeilBridge
      17:24 31 Oct 2007
      Liking Inez & Vinoodh's stuff on the whole lately, and the women of this calendar
      are perfectly chosen. However, it feels overlit & clinical. Completely sexless.
    10. ChrisSummerfield
      17:13 1 Nov 2007
      At last I managed to load the slide show to this project.
      I love black and white photography as a lot of you probably realise, but I am not to sure about a lot of the compositions in this series for Pirellii , I felt that there was a lack of thought in this area. A shame because the models are gorgeous..
      I managed to also check out the resent work here from Flux her black and white pictures look cool babe .keep it up.
  14. by Nick Knight .

    Unveiling of the new Pirelli Calendar #5

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    Inez and Vinoodh unveiling their Pirelli calendar with Sophia Loren and Lou Doillon.

    Recent comments

    1. ShawnMortensen
      00:37 22 Nov 2006
      I wanna SEE the calendar .
      Give Inez & Vinoodh a break !
      Sophia Loren is still BUILT FOR SPEED !
    2. StreyKatt
      06:44 22 Nov 2006
      you're born with it.. it's in the dna..
      09:51 22 Jun 2007
      She's still got it!!
  15. by Nick Knight .

    Unveiling of the new Pirelli Calendar #4

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    Inez and Vinoodh unveiling their Pirelli calendar with Sophia Loren and Lou Doillon.

  16. by Nick Knight .

    Unveiling of the new Pirelli Calendar #3

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    Inez and Vinoodh unveiling their Pirelli calendar with Sophia Loren and Lou Doillon.

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