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Ann-Sofie Back

Uncharacteristically sexy is an apt and succinct summary of Ann-Sofie Back's latest collection, but more naturally for Back this was nothing to do with the 'tits 'n' tan' Footballers' Wives school of appeal. Back's collection focussed on cosmetic surgery, both in the rhinoplasty-style bandages and markered 'areas for improvement' on the faces and bodies of her already impossibly perfect mannequins, and in the cut and carved-out crevices and panels on her ruched viscose jersey dresses. These Grecian offerings made up the majority of the show, slinkily body-con and decidedly (some may say consciously) salable. Cling-filmed wrapped shoes and inked limbs asides, this was a resolutely salable and - dare we say it - safe offering. Then again, in these times of credit crunch, maybe that's the only way for a young designer to survive?