by Christabel Stewart .

A Blumenthal Banquet Best in World

Heston Blumenthal's famous restaurant and culinary laboratory 'The Fat Duck' has been named best restaurant in the world. Download one of his expectation-defying recipes published as part of his contribution to last year's BANQUET project.

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  1. Vladimir
    03:35 9 Jan 2013
    Hi Marianne,Your comment was like a loelvy Chirstmas present when I logged in this morning So pleased to hear that you like the pictures I think it is important to have a photo with each recipe so you know what to expect, plus people eat with their eyes before ever tasting the food, which is great for inspiration.Please keep in touch and let me know how your fig jam turns out. I will soon be posting some recipes for green bean and roasted hazelnut salad and Sweet oven roasted apples.I hope you have enjoyed the holidays.Erika