by Penny Martin .

Art + Commerce 2005 Festival of Emerging Photographers

Our choice of photographers Glen Luchford and Liz Collins to flank our first 'Moving Fashion' weekend (there's a tip as to what is coming up on Monday!) was partly influenced by Art + Commerce, their agency's, annual festival, which is being staged in Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York this weekend. The opening is happening as we speak (18:00 hrs NYC time), it opens to the public tomorrow and runs until the 25th.

The principle is that any unrepresented, unpublished photographer is invited to contribute to an 'open submission' process, screened by the mighty Art + Commerce photographic organisation and contextualised in a high-profile exhibition. See Sung Jin Park's South Korean 'Kid Nostalgia' series above. The whole endeavour follows in a long legacy of big commercial entities doing something philanthropic in association with the arts (think: Medici family etc.) but for the 24 photographers being showcased, you could certainly argue that the benefit of association goes both ways. If you can't make it over to New York, there is always the catalogue, PEEK!

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  1. Doris
    23:55 17 Aug 2012
    Ali! I did not know that you put photos of our faoihsn show day on the Internet ! They are really beautiful..congrats! you definitely must give me some tips to take pictures like that !