by Christabel Stewart .

Assume Vivid Astro Focus

The upcoming project billed for 'Transmissions' is the guest-edited feature 'cheapcream' by artist assume vivid astro focus. The moniker -avaf for short - is an umbrella name for a diverse -often collaborative or inclusive- artistic output, the assumed name a bid to avoid the personality driven parameters that dominate much of the art world. 'cheapcream' will be a series of films, each shot by this ever curious observer as part of his practice and as part of his research - a distinction he does not like to make. The films are also an ongoing record of others' performances. As such the series offers a rare and concentrated glimpse into the world of an avid collector, the performances he merits, and an 'at the scene' work in progress. The picture is an avaf imagery taster - a set of 'paper grafitti' stickers made and distributed to encourage involvement. Expect the first film post imminently.