by Andrew Smith .

Central Saint Martins Fine Art Live Stream 2015

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It was nearly three years ago that SHOWstudio began running panel discussions as part of their collections coverage. When the idea first emerged, it seemed near impossible, but with a great push from a dedicated team, I saw the impossible become a reality in only a few short weeks. It wasn’t long after witnessing this feat that I started my BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. We also had a live stream dream, but our first live stream by contrast, was a shoddy affair: MacBooks scattered around the studio, aimed vaguely in the direction of some spectacle or other. The number of views reached a grand total of about three, two of which were probably us checking the stream was still running, leaving us to assume that the remaining viewer was someone’s mum who had successfully followed the link their child sent to them.

Hopefully the CSM Fine Art Degree Show Live Stream 2015 is a far cry from that first broadcast.  In three years of art school, you see people grow immeasurably, and hopefully tonight, we will see our impossible become real. To mark the occasion, LaBeouf, Rönnkö & Turner will present their new work #INTRODUCTIONS as part of the live stream. The work is a collaboration with nearly forty of the graduating students in the show. So tune in today, 26 May, from 18:00 BST to enjoy the eclectic mix of visuals which offer a glimpse into CSM Fine Art 2015.