by Penny Martin .

Collections Stories

The performance event that will conclude Liberty Ross's project is shaping up, as matters arising from yesterday's meeting with Jonathan Kaye take effect.

Nick Knight asked Jonathan to deconstruct the thousands of looks presented at the Autumn/Winter collections shows in February/March (this is standard for a collections story) and he came in with 13 key themes that suggest potential 'characters' for you, the viewer, to dress Liberty as. These include: ecclesiastical, military, Navajo/fringed/veiled, Edwardian, sixties, volume etc. As a freelance stylist, Jonathan can generally afford to be more picky than this broad survey would suggest in his own work, and rarely works in this literal way. However, we felt it is important that in acting as 'virtual stylists', viewers get the chance to act as a stylist on the books of a magazine would and be forced to meet the challenge that each trend presents.

We haven't quite finalised how this 'mood board' imagery will now be presented on the site, but it might be the main way that viewers get to familiarise themselves with the clothes in advance of the shoot. One issue is to select looks that comprise sufficient activity in their undressing to warrant the six-or-so shots that Nick envisages. The trend headings have been e-mailed through to Liberty, so expect to see the references leak into Liberty's engrossing 'Fragments of Me' project. Today's a belter! Altogether now: 'lay a blanket on the ground'....