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Cottweiler S/S 16 launch party

The Cottweiler duo, Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell

Jordan Vickers and Boyd Alves 

MACHINE-A store 

Three Cottweiler Models 

Fashion East's Natasha Booth 

Cottweiler Model

Cottweiler have launched their S/S 16 collection exclusively on SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A e-store and in the MACHINE-A Brewer Street shop. 

To celebrate the launch, MACHINE-A hosted a party on Tuesday, 8 December introducing the products and making them available for the first time. The collection is a mix of popular sportswear and streetwear designs infused with shapes reminiscent of Buddhist monk robes. Maintaining the minimalistic style synonymous with the brand, the S/S 16 pieces embrace nature and spirituality while remaining masculine and functional. 

Here, we show exclusive polaroids from the night. Thanks to The Impossible Project for the camera and film.

Like the look of the garments? Head over to SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A to get your own piece.