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Daniel Brown's Work In Progress

Naomi Scan

Work on the moveable 3D version of Naomi Campbell continues. (Listen to Nick Knight's original brief where he explains how an interactive will illuminate the contours of a supersize statue of Naomi here). Daniel Brown has now produced a work in progress test for us to look at, about which he says the following:

"The work-in-progress is investigating realtime 3D technology, with the aim of allowing paint, pencil, type and special effects to be applied dynamically by the user - to give them a participation in the aesthetic-process. The 3D model has been converted into 80,000 3D pixels, each able to change colour interactively. With the final model, we're hoping to allow detail to be applied at a much finer scale, almost akin to make-up."


  1. GalileosUniverse
    05:36 19 Apr 2007
    .......Fantastic !...Fun !....Original.... !!!!
  2. 1cal1
    10:43 19 Apr 2007
    just how awesome is that?!
  3. JoshBaker
    11:01 19 Apr 2007
    This gathered an audience when I watched it on my computer. Really good work!
    What software is being used to create this?
  4. DanielBrown
    15:04 19 Apr 2007
    Josh - its been programmed in Java, which is much faster than Director that I have traditionally used... I'm currently migrating most of my development over to it to make use of the extra power.
  5. JoshBaker
    03:40 3 May 2007
    Cool! I thought it loaded fast. I'm totally jealous of your 'slick hot' coding skills =P