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Designer_Download Screenprints

One of the best things about the giveaways on SHOWstudio (the free, downloadable patterns particularly) is that you can never anticipate precisely what you will receive back. Expect a dress or jacket and you will get a screenprint guising as a painting, as proven by Mikael K's submission to the viewer's gallery. Except that we don't think we've had the honour of offering a Vivienne Westwood pattern?

Hey SHOWstudio,
I really like your site and find it really inspiring. I especially love the cuttingpatterns from diffrent designers you have from time to time. I actually found them so inspiring that I based my final project at the MFA program in graphic design and illustration around cutting pattern. Since I don't know how to actually put together a pattern i instead used cutting patterns from Margiela, Galliano, McQueen and Westwood to create 690 x 900mm screenprints that works as a pattern for the mind. They are supposed to work as paintings and as the same time as inspirational pattern to get you in a creative mood for the specific designer...

Best regards, Mikael K