by Ross Phillips .


With the end product of the 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' project being very much about control, Nick Knight wanted Liberty Ross to have some input during the run up to the live event and asked her to produce some videos. Liberty sent us some great clips of different sections of her body (created by Liberty each day) and suggested using them like a flip book. It's a great idea and got me thinking about making a simple toy that allows you to mix and match the different clips to create a moving 'consequences' or 'exquisite corpse' game.

I was concerned about how the clips fit together but after lots of testing and gathering opinions from people I am happy with the look we've got, in terms of it resembling a 'complete body'.

Liberty is very keen to have sound on each of the clips that would then mix when you play them together. I think it's a nice idea but adding sound makes the clips bigger which means there is more of a wait when downloading a new section. If the wait is too long then it won't be fun to use but maybe I can compress the sound further...

Liberty has already sent us three great sets of videos so when we launch it tomorrow there will be something there to play with.