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Download and print Björk's new album cover before it launches!

The release of a new Björk album can only mean two things: new musical territory, the likes of which the world has never experienced, and a cover image to match. 'Volta', Björk’s sixth studio album, is due for release on 7 May and its cover image, shot by Nick Knight, certainly is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! From today, we are offering you a sneak peek in advance of the launch with a special download jigsaw: an opportunity, on completion, to possess your very own, giant Nick Knight/Björk/Bernhard Willhelm original.

The overall image is composed of 48 pieces, 34 of which have image content and 14 left blank. Each segment will be given in random order, leaving viewers to piece the overall image together themselves. Only one piece can be downloaded on a single day but the next will be waiting for you without skipping a segment, which means if you miss a few days, the next piece will always be the next in the jigsaw chronology. So start today to avoid delay and you may have just about worked out the image puzzle by the time you buy the album!


  1. Turbo
    20:21 13 Apr 2007
    Me and my friends were wondering what Bernhard was doing at Bjorks' concert (in Iceland), now it all makes sence. The cover is simply awesome and is definately from another planet! In my books a Bjork/NK/Bernhard Wilhellm collaberation is as good as it gets. Extra props to Nick for managing to out-wierd Bjorks' previous album covers-surely not an easy task. The new tracks I heard her play were great. If you have a chance her latest tour is not to be missed!
  2. MissJeffrey
    00:43 14 Apr 2007
    YAY, I got my first piece!
  3. Dirtylipbalm
    10:36 14 Apr 2007
    I am in love.
  4. abf
    16:16 14 Apr 2007
    to be a spoil-sport:
    google "volta wiki" and you gett the cover... :)
    sorry folks
  5. la
    18:39 14 Apr 2007
  6. dubstar
    20:51 14 Apr 2007
    thanks for this idea!
  7. nikc
    20:56 14 Apr 2007
    got nr 9 first!
  8. RafaelMogro
    22:12 14 Apr 2007
    you do it again, i was see the cover and is great... please nick make the video too...
  9. nickknight
    00:26 15 Apr 2007
    I would love to.
  10. Estela
    20:38 15 Apr 2007
    Wonderful! I love it
  11. train6510
    07:02 16 Apr 2007
    Love Bjork Forever.
  12. artdress
    10:54 16 Apr 2007
    bjork is always a joy x
  13. JesusNovy
    14:34 16 Apr 2007
    I Can't imagine having Björk this waaaaay!!!! Amo a Björk, Gracias y Saludos desde México!!!!!
  14. blacklillies
    15:19 16 Apr 2007
    hey Nick, did you have any influence to the symbolism used in this piece or did bjork come all prepared? just curious to the ideas behind this art piece. :)
  15. JoshBaker
    19:29 16 Apr 2007
    The resolution of the image is tiny though. It's not nearly as large as the SHOWstudio version will be.
  16. JoshBaker
    19:33 16 Apr 2007
    Me too. GJ Nick!
  17. lionelsnoop
    16:30 17 Apr 2007
    beautiful cover, congratulations !!!
    actually there IS a way to get all the pieces in one day ;)
  18. phill
    17:46 18 Apr 2007
    LOVE it ;-) muaks muaks to bjork n his frens
  19. AhiruKun
    03:40 19 Apr 2007
    thank you!
    I love Björk forever...
  20. phill
    16:15 19 Apr 2007
    Björk always make me feel alive!
  21. JoaoEliasdeBrito
    19:05 19 Apr 2007
    Björk, Brazil loves you!
  22. alamors2001
    04:13 20 Apr 2007
    Its just the fun of collecting them and putting them together!!!!! Who cares if you can get them all in the same day, this is cool!
  23. Unravels
    06:20 20 Apr 2007
    Can anyone plis share the pieces?:P my mail is unravels@hot....
  24. jlrezz
    23:29 20 Apr 2007
    Nick Knight/Björk/Bernhard Willhelm Download jigsaw: I love it!
  25. bjornyeo
    00:28 25 Apr 2007
    hi! If there is anyone else who is as excited as me in getting the pieces and cannot wait the full 34 days, I am hoping to set up a little swop meet! :D mail me at bjornyeo @ gmail for more info?
  26. michvmq
    01:12 25 Apr 2007
    At this moment i have 2 pieces to exchange, send me the pieces you have to michvmq @ hotmail . com, and i will send you mine.
    08:17 25 Apr 2007
    cool idea!
  28. jotae9
    10:28 26 Apr 2007
    OK folks, sorry but in my opinion this volta image doesnt seems to me as good as other former ones... Vespertine was great since it came out the pencil and so was medula (despite the musical experience...). Not to talk about the Drawing Restraint 9 imaginery. Not Bjork's, but obiously in her very much style...
    Colourful pic indeed. She looks so beautiful (much more than in the video), but there's no way u can compare whit the former dowload series of the poster M/M Paris made whit the zillions-worm/maggots-thing in that chapel or church...
    Remember? The Angel Project in wich Bjork exclusively wrote the music for; (were they? M/M? I can't quite remember now. I could be wrong but you should know what Im talking about...). Nowadays hte download option has extinguished.
    Better not lose your time and get the pic at
    My heart is cr... err no... just only sighs...
    By the way if anyone there has the full PDF series of the Angel project-worm-thing, I'd be really thankful on him/her to share it with me. Somehow the CD where I stored it has become corrupt and I can no longer open it! The only thing left that I have is a discoloured A4 printout...
    Yes, my heart is now crying...
  29. jotae9
    10:29 26 Apr 2007
    Hi, footnote: indeed was Angel Project: Alexander McQueen/Nick Knight/Björk
  30. braver
    06:51 27 Apr 2007
    Love Bjork
    Love The cover
  31. Tian
    03:33 30 Apr 2007
    what happen with the people that found this poster now?
    the anterior pieces , how i can have they?
  32. jotae9
    12:14 30 Apr 2007
    c'mon! go and get the pic...
    if you still want former pieces I have #6 and #23, of wich #23 is almost blank except for a bluish corner...
    Sorry I found the overall poster this early, that's why I only have two pieces. If you want them dont hesitate to mail me...
  33. Gonzzo
    02:01 1 May 2007
    love it!
  34. bbganesha
    02:51 1 May 2007
    My brazilian wall says thankx!
  35. Tian
    04:29 3 May 2007
    mi pieces : 08 - 18 - 31
    Love Bjork Wonderluuuuuust ! :D!
  36. MeDusAgUy
    05:13 7 May 2007
    its fantabuloso!! i love this idea and the concept hehe i will print mine pics each day!!
    bjork its the most gorgeous thing that happens to me!
  37. robertoruizarguedas
    15:47 7 May 2007
  38. bjornyeo
    19:34 10 May 2007
    hey guys! i am open for trade! have everything else but 1,2,3,7,8,10,11,15,16,17,20!!
    mail me
  39. miguelgo
    02:27 19 May 2007
    I have got all the pieces. I know a trick to get all of them in one day.
    Tengo todas las piezas y conozco un truco para poder cogerlas en un solo dia
  40. kevinm312
    03:39 20 May 2007
    I have downloaded 22 pieces of the puzzle! YAY! however I have found that I have lost one!!!!
    I'm not sure what piece it is just yet but am hoping that when I'm complete and know what i'm missing some kind person may be able to forward it to me?!
    My email is kevin_m312@hotmail
    Many Thanks in anticipation,
  41. kevinm312
    03:46 20 May 2007
    Hi there,
    I would love it if you could forward me those pieces as mentioned in your blog comment!
    My email is
    Many Thanks,
  42. Gyakusetsu
    09:13 28 May 2007
    I finished my poster with time to spare for the album's release. It took a while to cut it out and assemble (I cut around the image like the sticker on the actual album) and it looks SO GOOD on my red wall :)
    I only wish it was possible to get the image alone as a .jpg so I could go to kinkos and print it huge without seams......
  43. jeligalaD.
    16:02 1 Jun 2007
    Bjork, Beijing now really is ready to welcome you. So give it a visit again. We have been waiting for you for so long.
  44. PennyMartin
    17:16 1 Jun 2007
    Gyakusetsu, stop taunting us with your time efficiency and descriptions of your red wal... Where's your submission to the download gallery??!! Fair's fair! ;-)
  45. Stephan
    11:14 7 Jun 2007
    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful idea. I`m sooooo in love with this poster.
  46. iseewhoyouare
    18:03 9 Jun 2007
    How?? I can't wait 33 days till I can finally print my lovly volta poster!!!
  47. Elcolumpioasesino
    01:13 26 Jul 2007
    .Hola Miguel Go,
    Como todo fan de BJork, no puede esperar más para tener el poster completo. No seas malo y pasa el truco para poder coger todas las piezas en un sólo día.
    Saludos cordiales desde la Ciudad de México,
  48. IamDeborah
    12:51 22 Jan 2008
    Bjork is awesome.
  49. ChrisK
    18:08 13 Mar 2008
    Ok, is it right that the stiching marks will be visible as little crosses (+) all over the poster? Or am I doing something wrong?
    Is there still anybody out there to answer my question? ;-)