by Christabel Stewart .

Droning on

In the spirit of The Sound of Clothes season and its' various sound experiments, here are some recent sound-based events to crop up in the contemporary art world. The first one was a style-magazine celebrated collaboration between dark-partners Banks Violette and Sunn 0))) that drew a decidedly muso audience to Maureen Paley’s East End gallery back yard for a highly audible, but visually obstructive performance (with sculptural ‘ghost’ installation revealed as the physical part of the exhibition). If salt and coffins aren’t your thing, a nearby venue was exploring “the potential of sound as a weapon” with a night of live performances under the guise of an overall project called ‘Arsenal'. All this droning and improvisation is, according to one writer, “wholly incommensurable with any attempt at verbal description”, so I leave it to the films to inspire you to destroy, or destroy your inspiration – whichever effect drone has on you. Donald Urquhart (pictured) demonstrates that being treated to the avant garde sounds of drone doom is no occasion for mirth.