by Ross Phillips .


I arrived in Luxembourg yesterday to set up SHOWstudio's contribution to an exhibition named Dysfashional. We are showing Anechoic which consists of the eleven films and the interactive. The interactive has beeen setup on a touchscreen which works really well as it allows people to simply draw with their fingers on the screen. The films all come with headphones to allow a more personal experience of the sound. I've got some pictures but am having problems getting them on the site, so I'll update this post when I get back to the office on Monday. The private view is this evening and still needs a few tweaks so I'd better get moving...

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  1. JoshBaker
    00:47 23 Apr 2007
    Cool. I am working with a touch-screen interactive project now. I will check for the pictures on Monday if I can find a internet cafe in NYC :D