by Christabel Stewart .

Enrico David's 'Mantwat'

For anyone who has been keeping an eye on 'Transmissions' they will know this is a posthumous announcement for a post. There has been a gradual tweaking of the Enrico David project footage over the last few days that is now fully concluded and launched. 'Event' has backstage (and a glimpse of performance) film footage of a colossal Enrico David sculpture on stage at the London Barbican's theatre from June this year. The documentation is intended to foreground all ten-foot of 'Mantwat' being brought to a slow animate life to be the huge stage presence for a Merce Cunningham choreographed dance encounter. The film aims to capture the backstage activities: the work-in-progress spirit in which we captured the imagery, rather than document the actual dance performance. Re-cut to reflect that, Salwa Azar's final edit focuses on photographer Karim Rabik's inquisitive hand-held capture of the sculpture being lifted into the theatre tower, his joints being positioned, and the technician's accidental caresses of wooden knees, in order to prepare him for public appearance. There is also a selection of Enrico's sketch-book preparatory drawings from autumn last year, to gives clues about the artist's stages of thinking about this giant man.