by Penny Martin .

Errant Package Sender Found & Model Confirmed for Friday!!

Mitsuno Ando has been in touch to say that he's prepared to pay a second time to ensure that his parcel reaches us.

From: " mitsuno ANDO"
Date: 22 Jul 2005 12:39:21 -0000
To: ""

Subject: CONTACT: BRING & BUY: Return to sender
Yes, Want receiving that.
soRry, I applied annoyance to you.
I pay the money again.

He'd better hurry if he's to make the Monday deadline!!

We've been having great fun unwrapping your submissions (with some exceptions, least Jess McKee had the good grace to send us gloves to open theirs up!). Highlights so far include boutique-owner Maria Luisa's very own Balenciaga patchwork jumper (apparently her colleagues begged her not to part with it), an archive piece hand picked by Mrs Prada, an inflatable outfit from Walter Van Beirendonck (are you listening, Simon Foxton?!) and a beauty from Viennese designers Wendy & Jim. There are some rumours of some amazing ones yet to arrive!!

AND, Stop Press: Tilda Swinton has confirmed as Friday 29th's model. We'll be taking questions so get thinking of some good ones for the Renaissance Woman of fashion.