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Asking professional editors to squeeze our EDITING FASHION project into their busy schedules and attempting to send the material to far-flung geographical locations has meant the project has not always run to time. Our Russian contributor, Vladimir Boboshin has maintained extreme patience throughout, battling in true stalwart style with Moscow’s strict customs laws to ensure that his film finally reached us here at the SHOWstudio towers. We are extremely pleased to announce that the film has now been uploaded and is in its rightful place alongside the other Editors' Cuts. Vladimir's enthusiasm for the project is an attitude displayed by ALL of the editors involved and is what has kept the SHOWstudio team motivated over the last eight months.

It is with great excitement (and a huge sigh of relief!) that we are also able to announce that we have received and uploaded the eagerly awaited edit courtesy of Wong Kai Wei's very own editor and production designer William Chang. The impressive edit (slightly longer than the other cuts, but still observes the music and footage restrictions given to all of our other editors) possess many Chang trademarks -in particular, his use of sound design- and also serves as a spectacular finalé to the project. For the first time, you can now view all fourteen Editors' Cuts from the worlds of Bollywood, feature film, independent art film, pornography, music promo among others. So sit back, enjoy and don't forget to turn the volume up!