by Andrew Gow .

Forever Young by Camille Vivier

Made for band Sex in Dallas, this video by SHOWstudio contributor Camille Vivier takes us on a climactic romp through the city of Berlin. From sunrise along the axis of Karl Marx Allee to the utopian visions of the Fernsehturm and the anarchy of May day, she captures the youthful energy of a city that has acted as a magnet to creative people for many decades. Using some familiar tableaux from film, fashion, music and TV news, Vivier mainlines the viewer into an atmosphere of hope, abandon and potentiality at the edge.


  1. TorErik
    00:32 30 Apr 2007
    for those who don't allready have it on repeat, check out Sex In Dallas' "Everybody deserves to be fucked"!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    08:53 30 Apr 2007
    FaN..TaS...TiC... ! piece ....absolutely love the music....!...and everyone deserves 2B LOVED...2.... !...........:) !
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    17:49 22 May 2007
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