by Penny Martin .

Foxton Layed Out

Simon Foxton has come in with a big box of paper that documents his career in tear sheets. In some cases, what he wouldn’t let us include was more telling than what he agreed to. Marc Lebon subsequently popped in and was surprised to find out that it was in fact Simon that styled his photo pastiche of Otto Dix's portrait of Sylvia von Harden. He'd always thought it was Judy Blame, but admitted there was a lot that he 'forgot' during the mid-80s...

Our task is now to dig up the credits for Simon's pictures and arrange them into an intelligible info section that also includes transcripts of what’s been written about him over the years. The casting sessions for ‘Sittings: 30 Men’ are scheduled to take place in the studio on Thursday 17 & Friday 18 March, using a new, interactive model card project that Ross Phillips has been working on.