by Penny Martin .

Foxton on proposed photographic treatment

Managed to grab Simon Foxton while he's in to get a quote for the 'mood board' of book images he brought in on 23 February for the pre-production meeting:

'These pictures are less to do with styling than the approach and how I'll set them up. I started by looking through portraits of men. What really stood out was the repetition of men sitting: it had a certain resonance. Something to do with the cropping as well, half-way down the leg. A picture I particularly like is the image of Basquiat; the distance he is from the camera, the intimacy. If it gets too far back, it feels like it's just recording something. If it's too close it becomes personal. That composition gives the right information and the right level of intimacy. Because a lot of the images are from the early twentieth century, there is a seriousness that I began to enjoy and I expect this will be reflected in the selection of the clothes.'