by Penny Martin .

From time slice to 10x8

Kate Moss in full bloom

We've shot four looks using the time slice technology, Roddy has gone home to think on his next poem and Kate has retired for the night to get some beauty sleep...we think! We'll be back tomorrow from 11 (UK time) when the 35 'bullet time' cameras (yes, I made a mathematical error and added an extra one in my previous blog!) will be replaced by the faithful 10x8 and we'll be getting down to some good old stills on photographic film. Fancy that!

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  1. JadeSukiya
    15:15 13 Dec 2007
    Hey! We're eagerly watching the live feed and it's not working properly! Help. We were tempted to come and knock on the door as we're on Old Street but we figured you wouldn't appreciate that.. ha.
    Please fix, we wanna see Kate all wind swept, dressed in loveliness!