by Penny Martin .

Hot on Hairywood's Heels, Diane's Gumball Rally

Those Eley Kishimoto folk: their creativity is rampant! I mean, when you are creating four collections a year (their own line x2 and also the new sportwear one for Ellesse x2), plus the new Menswear line, who has time to erect a massive tower for the delectation of Londoner-passers-by? Paul Hetherington and I visited their 'Hairywood' tower installation (pictured) last week at The Architecture Foundation's new temporary space at The Yard, 49 Old Street, London. Although the opening was rammed and vertigo was preventing me from scaling the beast, their shady sun porch is to be recommended for those wishing some lunchtime respite from Hoxton.

By sheer coincidence, a link to fashion video journalist Diane Pernet's recent lo-fi documentary of Eley Kishimoto's gumball rally extravaganza last May plopped in my inbox this morning. Designed to preview the said new Menswear, Mark Eley and the gang donned the new threads to drive a souped up Volkswagen GTI around a 5,000KM eight-day dash starting in London's Picadilly, through Belgium, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Croatia, Sicily and Florence, finishing up in Monaco. Click here to watch people taking on even more work make it look like fun.