by Penny Martin .

Hyères Photography Competition 2007: Call for Entries

i've just received an e-mail from the Curator of the Hyères 'Emerging Photographers' prize, Michel Mallard, saying that they are now accepting submissions for the festival next April. You can download a PDF (and if you're interested, you better had soon, as their deadline is 5 December 2006), but for more specific guidance, here's the man himself: [quote]The competition is open to all practices and genres of photographic media (landscapes, portraits, fashion, still-lilfe...) Criteria for selection is both innovation and originality in style and coherence in intention. Ten photographers will be selected by a jury of preofessionals chosen from the fields of museums, galleries, magazines... By 'emerging' we mean that neither photographers who have had a solo show in a big venue nor those whose work is regularly published should apply.[/quote] 


  1. acester
    01:25 14 Nov 2006
    are you allowed to go in it if you've had absolutely no expierience at all as a photographer?
    And is there a minimum age?
    what kind of people do they want in the jury? They ask you to list 10.
  2. jeanclaudecourt
    02:02 14 Nov 2006
    Hi acester!
    They don´t ask for any experience at all (just your cv and a personal statement letter), there is no minimum age; and for the jury just think in 10 people you would like to see in the jury (your favourite photographers, for example).
    I´m gonna try their fashion design contest. Good luck!!
  3. acester
    03:42 14 Nov 2006
    thanks sooo sooo much!!!!
    you helped heaps!
  4. SMITH
    10:51 14 Nov 2006
    I would just like to wish good luck to everyone who decides to enter!
  5. jpsl510
    20:39 1 Dec 2006
    Hello, i was going to be shipping my package from the United States and was wondering if anyone knows an estimate of how much it would cost to send the package back from France, since they want an cheque in euros for the return, the united states post office doesn't have any of that info. Anyone one with experience shipping, i would be greatly thankfull for your help
  6. jpsl510
    20:55 2 Dec 2006
    no worries, i talked to someone from the festival
  7. ElleMuliarchyk
    21:20 4 Dec 2006
    Did you find it out? I have the same question. I guessed I will just wire 20 Euros on their account!