by Christabel Stewart .

"I like listening to Karlheinz Munchausen"

Although they claim their only connection to the art world is in their groupies, band duo No Bra are described by one of their distributors Warp Records as "confrontational male/female topless performance artists". Such a description, if understood as suggestive of that particular genre of 'Performance Art' that takes the combination of piousness and nudity to its most turgid ends, would be damning. However, this is so far from No Bra's actual stance I suspect even if this were made into a Daily Mail stand-first they would see the humour in it. This is no disservice to Warp -the musical description that follows undermines any intent I may be trying to suggest in taking it out of context- rather it is part of my justification to include footage of what is essentially a music gig, in a performance series. No Bra's confrontational yet detatched stage performances are indeed the toast of certain scenes, but it is in their ascerbic lyrics which pound against the very cultural hysteria that embraces them that makes them an aspect of 'performance' not to be missed. 'Munchausen', their debut record is being performed in various venues this week. Expect a short film to be posted any day.