by Penny Martin .

It's Liberty on the phone

The missing piece from the Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down bonanza is the end product: what exactly will happen to the sequence of images of Liberty Ross being undress once Nick Knight captures them. Quietly, gradually, Daniel Brown has been working on a solution for us. Have a look at these tests that he has been developing for an interactive that you can play with on the site, configure your favourite image of Liberty - be it a 'moving window' imaging technique, a rotating deconstruction device, a fractured montage or a random colour generator - and then by some stroke of technical genius, download your personally customised picture of Liberty onto your mobile phone! To keep! For free!

This is purely work-in-progress, though, which can't be downloaded. Danny is being quite humble about these and has been reminding me that there is a lot of work to do to get them download-perfect!!

This is a great moment for us as it marks the first project we've worked with Danny since he was crowned Designer of the Year last year. And we're delighted.

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    09:53 24 Nov 2012
    Christine Scott18/05/2011 at 08:00Hi Malx,Just noticed on the cadlaenr of events under Social, that the Monday morning ladies walking pairs is still listed. This is no longer happening.Cheers, Christine