by Christabel Stewart .

Julie and Jeffrey

Last time SHOWstudio witnessed Julie Verhoeven and Jeffrey Deitch together the context was somewhat racy, and not a little controversial. Standing abreast of Terry Richardson's ever-attended erection -one of the images from 'Terryworld', Richardson's divisive exhibition at Deitch Projects in New York last Autumn- Julie and Jeffrey look demure and candid. Tune in tomorrow for live picture-message coverage of a rather unique collaboration between the two, where jointly they will be setting the tone and making their own imagery. Unconventional New York art dealer Deitch is to Art Direct Verhoeven, an undertaking which involves not only her illustration and artwork, but her provocative and performative presence in the pictures. The print outcome will be a four-page spread for Self Service magazine, but we anticipate there will be much to analyse in the making, too.