by Penny Martin .

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E-mail Received from Oxfam:

I just wanted to update everyone on how the auction went, and most importantly to say THANK YOU! to all of you who helped and contributed, especially all at SHOWstudio, who decided to give the clothes to Oxfam in the first place.

So, the total selling price from the auction was £19,200!

I've estimated that the total costs of the auction will be around £4,000 - this includes everyone's time, ebay/PayPal fees, delivery, packaging etc. So a profit of £15,000, along with at least 43 international press articles in the build up to the auction - this is fantastic.

The star item - the Björk dress - actually went down in price from £6,300 to £5,350 (after a genuine bidder retracted their bid and a rogue bidder was pulled from the auction). It was the Bjork dress that got us a lot of
the PR - it's also Oxfam's highest ever Ebay sale! It also got over 300 watchers (getting us on the Ebay Pulse site), with 15,000 hits - so it's broken all of our records.

Other star sellers included:

Jean Paul Gaultier leather trousers - £510
Alexander McQueen ballet style dress - £460
John Galliano hat - £420
Emma Thompson's dress - £312.99
The Stella McCartney boots - £275

Although all the items are bargains for those who bought them - the Matthew Williamson dress going for £87 was probably the best deal. The most popular designer/donor (excluding Björk) though has to be LA based Rick Owens, whose 3 donations sold for nearly £1,200!

Now comes the trick of collecting all of the money and distributing all of the items - hopefully nearly all of the 170 customers will be happy with their new wardrobe additions.

Thanks to all again,



Pete Orrey
Trading Division

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