by Andrew Gow .

Karla Otto Press Day

Hussein Chalayan insert dress
The Jewels at Marni
Big bracelets at Pucci
Viktor & Rolf high-heeled clogs
Studded jacket at Givenchy

Curtain fabric has inveigled its way into the fashion imagination this A/W. Hussein Chalayan, Viktor & Rolf as well as Consuelo Castiglioni for Marni are all considering its possibilities in beautiful dresses. The faded sun-scorched variety, more commonly found in fifties living-rooms, might seem an unlikely choice pitted against the über-sleek studded leathers found on today’s Milanese Venus Barbata. But then again, perhaps it’s no secret that millennial tastes are geared more towards homespun nostalgia and a love of the domestic than they were before. This dress fabric from Hussein Chalayan is the kind of thing your mum might balk at for its drabness. And yet, Chalayan's unusual treatment using delicately sculpted tortoiseshell inserts manages to update old memories with the promise of something startlingly new. Domestic values brought together with strength, integrity and futurism make for some very interesting design statements.

It was striking to see Marni's interpretation of the future alongside Chalayan's, with Castiglioni's lighter-than-air bow-pleat tops in grey shot-metallics and blue tent material. All these techno-fabric combinations are very convincing with the current climate fizz going on at the moment. And the jewellery was amazing too.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    20:48 26 Apr 2007
    the bracelet " id and credit cards deposit security box" looks very interesting and highly handy as a weapon to counterattack potential undeterred thieves from the future.....:):):)
  2. JessicaRSeckington
    20:42 16 May 2007
    I think it is really amazing, how designers are encorporating other materials, such as curtain fabrics in to their designs and embroidery. Similar to that of Manalo Blanhik who used carpets, famously courted by royals in the insides of his shoes.
    Very innovative!