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Kate Moss on Juergen Teller

In the latest episode of our Subjective series, Kate Moss speaks to Nick Knight about one of the most known, loved and reblogged images of her - a photograph taken by Juergen Teller of the model in bed sporting a shock of pink hair. 

Moss tells the story of the now iconic Teller picture, recalling the fact that after colouring her hair pink for a Versace exclusive, she was only able to keep it for a week before having to dye it back to brown for Calvin Klein. The famous shot was taken, along with many others, on the day she changed the colour back. 'I do get his twistedness,' she says, of Teller's signature raw aesthetic.

The two discuss the shot as one of the defining images of the generation of nineties photographers who ushered in a new vision of fashion. Knight mentions Craig McDean, David Sims and Corinne Day as examples. The model harks back to her earliest days of modelling, booking jobs for Mizz magazine and test shoots. 'I didn't really care that I wasn't getting booked,' she explains, 'I just wanted to hang out in London.'

The conversation also expands to Moss' relationship with photographers, and the question of what makes her such a joy to photograph. 'You're a bit like the girls I used to know at school' observes Knight.  

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