by Christabel Stewart .

Les Trois Villes

Taking Zola's ideas on the role of novelist as a scientist of the imagination, experimenting and forming explanations on the role of human nature through the creation of situations, a tripartate of curators - Gyonata Bonvicini, Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Paolo Zani - organised a three-city performative exhibition structure (named The Three Cities after Zola's Les Trois Villes trilogy) to perform his own curatorial scrutiny of the art world through 'live' work. Sue Tompkins, Ulla Von Brandenburg and Pablo Bronstein enlivened a little mews lane (a temporary venue, and the date to coincide with a major temporary art event - in London's case the Frieze Art fair), with three contrasting performances that address lyrical structure, the supernatral and the Baroque.