by Alexander Fury .

Lights, Camera, Action!

The other side of the lens!

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that SHOWstudio's trademark webcams (and the SHOWstudio staff) have been frozen in action for the past few days. No, we haven't been playing musical statues - this is all part and parcel of our imminent move to Mayfair, slated for this very Thursday. If you're missing the vicarious thrills of our constant webcam updates, I will be making a thorough nuisance of myself by updating the SHOWstudio Twitter feed for anyone hankering after a blow-by-blow account (although with any luck we won't come to blows!). More details of the precise location of our new space will be released early next week, but suffice to say the move to this multi-functional space is part and parcel of a myriad of exciting new developments for SHOWstudio, and indeed will allow the completion of plans which have been afoot from the site's very conception. Hopefully we can reveal more very very soon!