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LIVING DOLL Project Brief

Dorian Moore got the captured stream working yesterday (it's added to his post on Tuesday morning below). Here is a precis of the upshot of the meeting, which will act as a rough project brief for the project starring Liberty -pictured here on the left of Ozzy- and working title for now:

LIVING DOLL Project Description

Liberty Ross will feature in a live, interactive photo shoot that will be broadcast on SHOWstudio at the end of May. Inspired by the live, pornographic video chats widely available on the web, the model is the focus of a free ‘feature show’ for which there will be live video feed with real-time chat.

Viewers will have a chance to dress and undress Liberty, acting as her ‘virtual stylist’ in turns. How viewers will book their ‘show’ is as yet undecided, but it could be based upon some sort of incentive or competition. Stylist Jonathan Kaye will select the clothing from the Autumn/Winter '05-06 collections and it is our plan to let viewers familiarise themselves with the chosen garments in advance of the event.

The location is TBC. As it a SDSL connection will potentially be required to transmit our first major streamed video event reliably.