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Look - Looks!

Of the looks many and varied presented at the Autumn/Winter '05-6 shows earlier this year, Jonathan Kaye has sifted them all down to nine key themes that will constitute the different 'shots' of the live stylathon to take place with Liberty Ross at the end of the month: Biker, Ecclesiastical, Fringed, Military, Silhouetted, Tomboy, Veiled, Volume and Victorian.

Sanderson Bob has laid these out into thematic 'mood boards' -featuring designs from Yves Saint Laurent, Margiela and Rochas to Giles, Marc Jacobs and McQueen - to get you familiar with the appearance of each look before you step into the breach on the 28, 29 & 30th June as Liberty's virtual stylists. Click to view 'DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN' and select 'Looks' to view.


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