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Mike's Shorts

Last night one of Nick's assistants, Ruth Hogben, went down to London's Trafalgar Square to witness A Portrait of London: a night of screenings of short films that in some way interpret London, curated by Mike Figgis to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BFI's London Film Festival. Displayed on four screens alongside commissions by John Boorman, Sophie Muller and Alwin Kuchler, Nick showed a motion sequence based on the architectural contexts for his Skinheads project of the early 80s.

In addition to this image she sent in, here's Ruth's eye-view account of the night:
"There were three hours of short films. Trafalgar Square was packed. The biggest screen I've ever seen and a sound system to blow your ear drums! The films showcased all represented London. The genres were diverse. Tap dancing at kings Cross. Beet boxing and rapping about ladies of the night. Ballet dancers. Montages of the city landscape with bright lights. Nick's film was dramatic. Montages of the backgrounds of his early project Skin heads. Black and white abstract shots of a bleak London."