by Penny Martin .

Model II

In London, they say you are never more than three metres away from a model (don't they?) and to prove the point, sweet Oliver rushed in just after one o'clock to spare our blushes. Patiently he sat for us, in deadpan, manly, Hussein Chalayan, as he thought about his forthcoming A-Levels and took some of your phonecalls. We've come to notice with what trepidation they are made and after phone discussion with Nick Knight this afternoon, we are wondering if we should offer some text option in addition to the calls for Liberty's dress-up project that we're staging next month. If it's making you all self-concious to ring in and ask an attentive model how he's feeling/what he's been up to, how will it feel to say to Liberty 'could you remove the Dries Van Noten golden skirt and put on the Ann-Sofie Back travel rug skirt' (or worse)? Besides, every time a call comes in, the entire studio seizes up in case you should embarrass the poor boy with something lewd or licentious.