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New Fashion Film Submission by Harun Güler

As part of SHOWstudio's commitment to championing fashion film, Nick Knight invites aspiring filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work to SHOWstudio.  A selection of submissions that inspired or impressed him feature in our Fashion Film Submissions page.

The latest edition is a film entitled Ela Kaçmaz, Istanbul, 400 Lira by Harun Güler, a Berlin based artist and filmmaker. Güler's film follows Ela Kaçmaz - a transsexual sex worker based in Istanbul who charges 400 lira a night.

Inspired by Philip Lorca diCorcia’s photographic series, Hustlers, the film threads the line between staging and authenticity, aiming to raise questions about gender identity, sexual morals and concealment.

Watch the film and revisit our previous submissions and send your work to to be considered for inclusion!