by Paul Bruty .

New Gallery Entries

Our Volta download is beginning to bear fruit from all over the world. There have been two, new, South American entries added to our Volta Download Gallery over the weekend; one from Leandro Catapam in Brazil and the other from a tickled pink Juan Villegas of Mexico (seen here).


  1. Sandrine
    16:28 4 Jun 2007
    Leandro's trousers are the finest I ever saw.
  2. lespace
    18:25 4 Jun 2007
    Hi Sandrine! All good? Thanks for the compliment! The pants is of the brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch ( this photo I use a necktie of it ! Total Top! kisses LEandro
  3. jvillegas
    18:46 4 Jun 2007
    Thak you very much to ShowStudio for bring us up this amazing present, the Poster or the magic image of our singer Bjork.
    Now I have her into my studio at home, like a muse, keeping around my mind always.
    Bjork, Bjork, Bjork!!!
  4. HeremitSoldier
    23:27 4 Jun 2007
    Ha! Pretty nice. It's just a pity it takes soooo long to get the pieces...
  5. Volta
    04:31 10 Jun 2007
    Ja!! está genial..!!!
  6. balderdash
    04:50 17 Jun 2007
    yo aún no completo mi gigantografía!!
    me faltan un par de imágenes..
    se viene una foto de alto voltaje.