by Penny Martin .

New Project in Progress!

An off-site meeting was held last night to discuss work on a great new project that launches in the middle of next month, devoted to fashion film. The ability to show the moving garment was one of the many reasons Nick set up SHOWstudio - nearly five years ago! - and we collectively feel that this potential is yet to be exploited fully. Thus we have invited many of the most prominent photographers, art directors, hair and make-up artists and models etc. in the industry to make a 30 second short that features a garment in motion, as the fashion designer intends us to experience their work. One film will screen each weekday, with a weekly round-up at weekends and collectively, they will act as a 'Collections Story' for the late Autumn/Winter '05-6 season. We've had a brilliant response and it looks like the project could run until well into December at this rate! You can tell I'm dying to mention names (BIG ones!!) can't you, but more of that later...

One thing we've been musing is how to get you, the viewer involved. It's been suggested that, given all the amazing films and animations we receive at SHOWstudio HQ, there are plenty of you out there that would like to show off your editing ideas and skills. We're thinking of offering up some footage that you could edit throughout the run of the 'Moving Fashion' films and post on the site at the end of the project. The task for us, though, is to find something inspiring for you to work with.