by Penny Martin .

News Wire for Model Cards Sent

We are about to start the virtual casting for Simon Foxton’s project and are just awaiting him coming in to see the models. As Dorian Moore said, we weren’t able to show yesterday’s Model Cards owing to a technical blip, but those will be uploaded manually at the end of the day. Contents of today’s newswire as follows:

LIVE TODAY - 18 March, 12:00 - 17:00hrs GMT
In preparation for a major menswear portrait project to be broadcast live on SHOWstudio throughout the month of April, Simon Foxton is in the studio this
afternoon, casting London's finest male models.

Watch the proceedings unfold via the live studio cams and view each model's 'go-see' in a series of captivating video performances. Captured using Ross Phillips' fun interactive Model Card booth, each model's thirty second video audition is designed around the vital statistics detailed on a standard model card, creating a perfect resource for virtual casting.