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Nick Ryan's Audio Iminent

Wondering what's happened to Nick Ryan's audio? Well, it seems he's been waylayed at the British Motor Show, of course! See the note he sent us yesterday and get ready for the soundtrack, which sounds iminent:

[quote]With the British Motor Show now finished, you have my undivided attention! I spoke to Danny earlier and suggested some additions which we agree will add greater coherence to the piece:[/quote]

[quote]We aim to add 3 'master zones' to the exiting map of the image to allow for the composition of an underlying musical theme for the main areas of the image : arms, torso and flesh ( with the possible addition of 'lower torso' as well). These new zones will be confirmed later today with Danny.[/quote]

[quote]Zones 1-36 in the existing map will still be used, fully, however, since these correspond to detail, the sounds they trigger, will augment a generic score defined by the 3 main areas. As a result, sonic treatments of each detail area will be spun into a score as the user moves around the image. This revision also fits the new visual interface a lot better.[/quote]