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Nothing with a face

Pete Orrey, who is organising next week's auction at Oxfam's end, has just been in touch to let us know that some of the donations to the sale contravene company policy. Jung-Won Vark's 'Semen Wiper' shirt (Lot 19) violates their policy on selling soiled items (really, what did you expect, Jung-Won?!). The Yves Saint Laurent skirt with fur trim (Lot 69), the blue patent leather boots with blue fur trim by Gucci (Lot 95) and the snakeskin bag by Christain Lacroix (Lot 93.3) meanwhile, are all unacceptable because, understandably, Oxfam aren't that big on fur.

These items will still be sold in aid of charity, but not via the Oxfam section of eBay. All garments in our Auction section of the Bring & Buy section of the project will have direct links to the eBay entry when the sale goes live on Sunday night, so you will still be able to access the items and shock 'em all with your controversial, new 'organic' booty! You'd better be quick, though: we've had word that a prestigious American fashion collection is posed to bag some of the loot.