by Penny Martin .

Peter's Pod

After visiting Ebru's presentation last night (which turned out to double up as a look book shoot for her very desirable summer linen/denim-cross garments that will be unleashed on on Monday morning), I joined the 'friends of Peter Jensen' to witness the Danish designer's participation in the VH1 Fashion Showcase event aboard the London Eye ferris wheel. Peter, along with designers including Vivenne Westwood, Preen and Eley Kishimoto, was given a pod to decorate and then invite friends and colleagues (along with an industry and celebrity audience) to join him on an hour-long 'fashion cruise' of the London skyline inside his creation. Luckily for us, the photographer Robert Wyatt was among our party and agreed to share the view from the pod with this beautiful panoramic shot. The keen-sighted among you may have noticed that Peter's installation was executed by the talented Andy Hillman, who also created our Oxfam window display.