by Penny Martin .

Pinar's Portfolio

One of the highlights of the week was a visit from the Turkish, New-York-based photographer Pinar Yolacan, who came to see us on Tuesday with her portfolio at the recommendation of our newly-stateside-located contributor Charlotte Cotton. Pinar's amazing portraits of elderly women clothed in garments Pinar constructs out of the less desirable cuts of an animal like tripe or chicken heads have been profiled in i-D and exhibited recently in the Rivington Arms Gallery (click here to see her portfolio on the website). But I was eager to see the prints she's been working on with the renowned Pascal Dangin in the flesh, as it were. What's most surprising about them is that they surpass the mere shock of their content and are actually very dignified interpretations of older women. I can't imagine spending half a day wearing the inside of an ox's stomach is very pleasant, but the results are incredibly graceful and, dare I say it, tender.