by Christabel Stewart .

Plaza Minuet

Key shapes taken from James Sterling's postmodern architectural language as developed for the Clore Gallery extension to the Tate built in the late 1980s are the forms that detail Pablo Bronstein's modernised Baroque dance routine, 'Plaza Minuet', choreographed along a marked arena in the Duveen Gallery of Tate Britain. Architectural doorways and towers at each corner of the plaza also echoed the geometrical shapes that stand in for pillars and architraves, but it was the gilded architectural earrings and cufflinks that stole the show, the costume that set off the elegant movements of the dancers.


  1. Jonathan
    07:47 8 Apr 2013
    Its simply not going to hapepn. That market is significantly worse than ours. Little corporate support. Economy driven by political forces and lobbying laws tightening down on how much they can donate in seats and suites(this is a big factor). No way does the city just casually kick in another $75M in debt forgiveness and some owner decide to pay that much to play in sleep train. Even if they did you have to take a look at the palace that Chris and team are looking to build and ask what image the league wants. They won't settle for a really crappy old wooden building and an owner who has a financial model that makes no sense when they could have the most modern building in the world and Ballmer. Our ownership group will be a perennial luxury tax payer. They are going to do everything the league wants.
  2. Vasundara
    13:51 10 Apr 2013
    Yes, but that is something that would have to be apvrepod by the Sacramento City Council. There are two scenario’s here. 1) Sacramento used its public bonding capacity to loan the money to the Kings. If so, Sacramento would have to repay the bonds out of the city general fund if they forgave the loan or 2) Sacramento loaned the Kings money out of the general fund. In both scenario’s, “forgiving” the loan would be a hit to the general fund – something that would be wildly unpopular on the City Council and locally. I believe KJ has made a promise not to touch the general fund so doing so seemingly is not an option. Also, I think KJ already stated the loan would be assumed (not forgiven).