by Dorian Moore .

Power Discomfort

Last night we were subjected to a small power outage, which rather affected our development server and router. I had been applying some software updates at the time and the power out caused a disk error resulting in the corruption of some of the core system libraries. Unfortunately time has stopped me from getting a proper backup procedure in place before now and so I was left with an unusable and unrecoverable Linux server - and no Internet access for the studio just before Simon Foxton was to come in and do a casting which we had planned to present via the studio webcams.

So, a couple of attempted system installs, much hand wrangling, and a couple of kludges later, I've managed to get us up and running again. I'm not totally happy with the install - for some reason I can't get the DVD-R drive to work and so now can't do any backups - but I have to get back on with new site development so I'm going to have to run with it how it is and fix the problems later.