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'Le Style Anglais' was the title of PPQ's latest collection, and indeed what Amy Molyneux and Percy Parker offered seemed an foreigner's view of classic, cliched archetypes of modern English dress. Somewhat agressively millinered and tripping through a bower of fresh (ish) flowers worthy of any Cotswold cottage, their models wore an array of frothy, chiffony outfits worthy of any Ladies'Day, Thames-punting or garden party. The opening parade of sugared-almond pastels was very Queen Mum, albeit not in the least mumsy with the briefest of circle-cut skirts and flimsiest crepe, georgette and chiffon. Less successful was a foray into Henley Regatta-inpired navy and white shantung Maillot suits, while jokey Hermes scarf-prints and stiff silk-faille separates appeared a touch too Hardy Aimes, by way of Escada. The closing outfits in grown-up ruffled black silk, both palazzo and hot-panted and accessorised with hefty gold cabochon-studded jewellery, may have jolted slightly against the overriding Brittique Chic theme, but looked all the better for it.