by Penny Martin .

Project Launches with exclusive film by Glen Luchford!!

Model Gemma Ward, plunged into a tank of water, is the star of the first of our MOVING FASHION thirty second films. Chosen for his key role in shaping what contemporary fashion looks like, photographer Glen Luchford responds to the simple SHOWstudio brief of creating 30 seconds of motion image featuring a garment from the Autumn/Winter '05-06.

Never intended as definitive statements or exhibition pieces, the value of this experimental series of short film will be in watching the way in which different members of the fashion community respond to the same stimulus of making fashion move: just like the designer always intended. Collectively, they will act as an alternative 'collections story' for the current fashion season.

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  1. Marc
    04:34 9 Jan 2013
    I follow Alex and Ani on Facebook and I own the Path Of Life Expandable Wire Bangle Set which I wear EVERYDAY! I love the bnglae sets and have purchased some for close friends, who equally love them as well! I don’t Tweet, but I do Facebook and have posted your blog to the News Feed.