by Paul Bruty .


As if today's sitting wasn't enough of a treat! Simon Foxton's long-awaited Scrapbooks section has finally been added to the project. Put your children to bed and click here for more.

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  1. Zakya
    14:56 2 Sep 2013
    Hi Susan et al, Joe, Kitties and free-ranging Turkeylurkeys!Like everyone else, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all (but a bealetd one!). Although we are ahead of you, in time, over here, I am late!! Hope you had a wonderful time and will continue to do so over the coming days' holiday.Not sure about all these black Fridays and meandering Mondays and even the xoxoxo's .but am sure they mean good things!!I was thrilled to watch the video of the sea&#8230aca1;I am in land-locked Cambridgeshire, England, and miss my island of Anglesey in North Wales very much.Also, wanted to tell you that I have been an Elf this week!! Each year, I ask my friend Sally, who is a teacher, to get the children to write to Santa. I receive copies of the letter with a sentence from Sally about each child: sibling names, pets and maybe what they are good at at home or school. I then sit down with Christmas musica in the background and write a letter to each child including any snippets of information Sally has given me .I then post them to the school in a home made red bag, and Sally judges when it is a good day for the letters to arrive' from Lapland! I sometimes get sent pics of them rushing about in the classroom, showing their letters off to each other but this year, I have been asked to pop in and hand-deliver them! This is great it means I can watch and listen as they read their individual letters!! I can't wait! I am such a Christmas peeps!! The letters are all written (28 of them!). I even have a fab one to write to an American girl who is at the school, but has moved on in age but still believes!! She now draws wonderful pics on her letter she gets an extra special one back from Santa' as I know a bit more about her hers goes to two pages long!!I don't go delivering til the 17th December but am as excited as an excited thing on an excited day!!! =^..^=On a more serious note: I have prayed and thought about all the lovely people who have been mentioned in previous responses to your wonderful blog especially those who are desperately ill or sad. Good thoughts are being sent over the pond to you and your families, dear ladies.Loving the corgi bookmark; the snowglobe shop window; all the mentions of different films will be a ve ve busy girl sending for all these films and have an idea of making a snowglobe cushion'!! LOL!Blessings and love to you all,Chwi yw'r halen y ddaear, Swsan! (Welsh) =^.^=You are the salt of the earth, Susan!Karenx x x